What is my next step from here on?

I met a girl at the beginning of the year at varsity, and we get along very well, we see each other often and we chat well and laugh alot, she is VERY bubbly and lively.

Yesterday was my 21st birthday party and she came home with me so that we could go together. My parents like her a lot, and my mom says she's very nice :)
Anyway, the theme of my party was dance, and I danced with her most of all before she went home, which was sooner than I'd have liked. We both enjoyed the dancing, she was always happy to dance with me and enjoyed every bit.
Now when I met her I thought she liked me quite a bit, but found out she had a boyfriend. Now however, her Facebook page is suggesting she's single...

What next please?

I asked her and she said she's sort of in a thing with a guy, but she's getting tired of not being official.


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  • I guess your next step is to figure out who that boyfriend is and what he means to her. Many times, people are in meaningless relationships they just keep because it takes courage to end. You need to find out if that's the case, or if she's happy with him and acts the way she does with you because that's just her personality. Whatever the case is, don't make any moves while she's in a relationship, even if it's a bad one. If she's aware that you like her, she'll make a decision accordingly.


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