I decided to not reschedule our date. I'm trying to figure out the nicest way to tell him. Any advice?

This guy at work asked me out a couple months ago, but canceled 15 mins after our date was suppose to be, but is brother had a heart attack (and I know that's true). He asked to reschedule, I told him sure, but the following week I canceled (I told him the day before that I was busy) that was that. He didn't bring it up again, until a few days ago when he said "I haven't forgotten about that rain check! I still owe you a dinner" and smiled.

I really don't want to hurt his feelings. But I'm too shy and nervous to go on a date. I have a feeling if I tell him I don't want to reschedule, he's gonna ask why. And I don't want to go "Cause I'm too shy" I'll look like a baby or something. But if I don't tell him I decided not to, he may keep mentioning. Especially when he keeps asking about my days off lol


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  • Why don't u suggest doing something that makes u feel more comfortable. Maybe something more interactive n fun?

    Why r u shy to go on a date with this guy? Sounds like u like him


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