Great First Date.. We Talk Every Day. No 2nd date yet!?

The first date/first meeting went great! We laughed the entire time and the follow up text was from him that said "Made it home!" (He came to my apartment for dinner)

The next morning we picked back up texting as we had prior to the meeting and we haven't stopped. He does have a daughter that he has split custody of so the Friday after the date up until yesterday he had her. He also works full time. I assumed there would be plans for a follow up date made eventually? So far.. nothing. This weekend I do know he was busy with his rental property and getting it set up for the next set of renters and I offered to help which was answered with a "I might take you up on that" and we've even talked today but no follow up on my offer...

Am i bring strung along? The initial text message of the day comes from either one of us. I don't always start the conversation. Am i being politely blown off or is this just an actual case of an actually busy guy and he really is interested in taking things slow?


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  • You're answering your own question. We don't personally know the guy so we couldn't tell you what's going on in his life, but if you can tell us all these things going on his life I can only assume he's genuinely telling you he's busy. If he was brushing you off you'd get "sorry, stuff came up" and not personal details about his life.

    And plus it sounds like a good connection.


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