I like her, and I'm pretty sure she likes me, but things are complicated. Suggestions? Long story btw!?

So there is this girl I used to work with (at BK) but I left there because school was starting, and the company that bought the place sucks @ss.
Anyways, I like her, and I'm almost sure she likes me back. When we used to talk (after we both got off work) she would always look at me and smile, like she was holding back a laugh. And we would laugh at the corniest things ever.
But here is the situation: She lived in a foster home for years, and she has never known her real mother. Right now she lives with her 22 year old bf (she just turned 19 and I'm 17, btw) of 2 months and he lives in his mom's trailer. It's all like the worst place ever. Her bf doesn't even have a car! His mom, or some of his friends, have to drive her to work because neither her or her bf have a car. So basically she is in the worst scenario possible.
We've talked about us going shopping (because we found out we both love to shop) at different places, and stuff. I asked if her bf would mind, or have a problem with us hanging out. She said he is a VERY jealous guy, and later on said that they argue a lot (and the way she said it, didn't sound like she hated it or anything). When I asked if she still liked/loved him, all she said was "like". So it doesn't sound like they still have sparks going on.
Anyways, I took her home today, because she left her phone at home, and couldn't find a way to get a ride.
So like, I like her, and I'm 90% sure she likes me, but if things were to end between her and her boyfriend, she would have nowhere to live, and no car, just her average job at BK.
I am not sure what to do about all this. And if I decided to talk to her about it (which would mean saying straight on that I like her, something I've learned creeps girls out, or ruins "the game", whatever), I have no idea how I would bring it up or what I would say. We have a guest room at my house and I would love nothing more than to invite her to stay with us, but I doubt my parents would say yes to that.


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  • I think that you should get to know her more. Like hang out more and stuff. You two need to get to know one another A LOT more, Before considering her leaving her you. If she does, then that's pretty much jumping into a relationship. You don't want to do that. Those never really last. Take enough time. Build a good enough bond that she can comfortably talk about her relationship. She may talk negatively about her boyfriend but may like him more than what she will tell you. She sounds interested. I personally think that she knows how you feel. if things work out, then maybe by the time that you turn 18, and you get an apartmentshe can live with you. But she has to leave the relationship on her own. You can show interest, but don't get too serious until she breaks up with him.

    • I'm the only opinion giver? I hate when that happens. How did it all work out? Did my advice work? Did you take it?

    • Yeah, I took it. And it helped out. Thanks :)

    • No problem. I was glad to help.;)

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