Guys would you mind if your gf used to work at a rub & tug?

If your gf told you she used to rub guys penises and play with their butt would you be angry? What would you do? Lets say you are 6 months into
the rrelationship. Be honest.

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  • No big deal. I sometimes get them. I don't judge.

    • Really? Would you mind if she would be doing it while with you?

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    • Yeah, I would stop. I mean, I only do it once or twice a year. You must have developed some skills!

    • I love doing it. I just enjoy massaging guy's butts for some reason.

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  • I assume this is something like a massage parlor where you gave rubs and HJs maybe? I would not care unless she was still doing it or went back to it. I am sure other guys will care a lot and would not like it.

  • Means so be good and Massage and stuff so why not stay

  • If she ain't doing it now, I wouldn't care.

  • if she was still bad at rub n tug

  • It sounds like prostitution which is a deal breaker. If she were doing it while we were together, then she would also be cheating on me.

    • It is prostitution. I have to admit.

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