Need guys opinion please! what does he want? Should I continue talking to him?

i been talking to a guy for few weeks and he says im trying to hard to let "us" happen. i NEVER blow up his cellphone or anything. He is currently out of town on business and i sent him some exotic pics and he got mad saying im trying too hard. and he's not here jus for sex. Then i tell him im tired. of him always getting mad at me and i was done. Then he says."oh great now ur saying bye!" I mean damn I don't know what. he wants! Then i. texted him have a. good day. today and got no response so i don't care anymore but i jus dont get him. Its. like i hardly contact him at all but im the desperate one. Can someone explain this to me?


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  • 'talking to' means what precisely?

    Exotic pix might be trying too hard, depending on what you mean by talking to.

    And some guys are defensive, since some women are quick to bring out the 'you only like me because we're having sex/for sex' card... if he's had that pulled on him, he'd most likely want to be recognized for liking/wanting you for other reasons than just sex (*then* he wants to fuck - yes, the sex matters). But he might want it slow enough that he can say, I'm legitimately interested in you; see, I took my time and got to know you and stuff.

    • well he said he wants us together but take things slow. i jus said "talking "because i dont see future anymore. He seems to contradict alot. I sent pics for hos. viewing pleasure then got slammed. I said. goodbye thinking that would make him happy and he got pissed. Now i texted this morning (first time initiating text ) jus to smooth things over and got no response so im jus leaving it at that. I jus dont understand what. did he. want from me. I jus want to learn from this.

    • If he said take it slow, and you sent racy pix - then turned around and said 'done', he's feeling a little whip-lashed by you. And, you may have come off as a little high on the crazy-chart.

      Doesn't mean you guys are done, but he's definitely re-thinking things right now. He may be lured back by some essential part of you: personality, slamming body, etc.

      The next time a guy says take it slow, you should find out what he means (what does slow consist of, to him - and how fast that slow is) - and if he wants to be the one who's controlling the escalation level.

    • ok. Thank you.

  • Sounds like you two just aren't compatible. He's projecting. Me thinks he has some hang-ups.

    • what is hang ups? also, yea being incomptiable sounds about right. Sad but true.

    • Hang-ups: something, someone from his past that he's holding on to in a way that affects his social/dating life in the present.

    • well yea it could be that but it will only effect his new relationships including ours. I mean, im still not over my ex and still technically married ! But im not dragging it in this one though and he even asked me to not make him pay for their mistakes. he's a contradiction.

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