I gave him years and I'm moving on, how do I tell him without hurting feelings?

I liked him and he liked me back but he never told me, he asked me to his dance and (his mom) bought me flowers but that's all that ever happened... Now I'm getting asked out by other guys but he still texts me..
I don't want him to see on Facebook that I'm with other people and then complain that I'm cheating or something because we did get very close to dating


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  • The best thing is to be up front about how you feel about the situation. You owe him or anyone else waiting like that, it's your job to make you happy. And besides, I'd think it be better for you too tell him versus he finding out second hand on Facebook or someone else.

  • So just because other guys start hitting on you you're going to ditch him? Kind of messed up.

    • I know it sounds terrible, but through-out the entire thing, he wouldn't talk to me in person. he wouldn't look at me, not even in front of my parents It wasn't going anywhere and I let that continue for longer than I should have

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    • Haha! I've never even dated! T (the guy I went to the military ball with) never progressed and texts me once a week or so but won't talk to me in person. Maybe he's shy, maybe he's taking advantage, Maybe he's clueless. either way, I got over him a while after school got out because he made no progression to communicate with me... It is pretty offending that you would seriously bring up the pregnancy seeing as I do wear a purity ring and have committed to not having a boyfriend till lately...

    • You can even check my profile... I have two other questions pertaining to this guy, one from when I first liked him, and one when he stopped talking to me ( or when I noticed that he didn't)

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