Is my past preventing my future?

Recently I was dumped by a woman due to the fact that I have a very limited amount of relationship experience. Through conversation about our love lives, she learned that I have only been in two very short, very destructive relationships. I was mistreated by two very manipulative, dishonest women. My sexual experience is at the same level. I had sex with one girl 4 times, and that's it. My first "relationship" only lasted 3 months, when i was 19. The second lasted 7 months, and was right after i graduated a few years back. we only had sex a few times, because she said it hurt her more than it was enjoyable, so it just stopped. When I was in college, I didn't party a lot or hook up with people. I'm very against one night stands and FWB. I spent my time preparing for a career and a comfortable, stable life.

Now, I am 26 years old. I have spent the last few years focusing intensely on furthering my career and myself, in order to be the absolute best ME I can be. I have a great job, good friends, my own house, a nice truck and even a boat. I have longed to meet a beautiful, loving, and caring woman who I'd be willing to take a bullet for. But with her running from the fact that I don't have any legitimate relationship experience (and really dating experience for that matter), I have to wonder that no matter what I have going for me, will my past hinder me in developing the future I envision? Thoughts, advice and questions are welcome.


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  • I dont think so. We are moving into the future every moment leaving past further and further behind us. It has no power over your present

  • I prefer a virgin guy. For me - you've already had too many sexual partners and too much sex.

    • Understandable. You are of a dying breed of people.

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