Why is he so interested in my dating life as a friend? And if he himself might be interested me, why encourage me to see other guys?

I met a guy online about a year ago (call him Eric). We live in different states, so we decided to pursue a long distance friendship instead of a romance. We are both single, but wouldn't be able to live close to each other anytime soon because of our jobs. We text on and off and talked on the phone every so often for a year. Every couple of months we would check in with each other; sometimes because I broke up with a guy I was seeing, and he always had good advice, or sometimes because it had been a few weeks since we talked or text. 3 months ago Eric text me to say he still thinks about me. At the time I was seeing someone and I told him that and he congratulated me and told me to keep him posted. When we broke up, I let him know. A few weeks later, Eric was planning to do some backing close to where I live, so we decided i would pick him up at the end of one trail and he would stop by my place for 2 nights to rest before he continued on his treck.

We had a great time and it truly was a friendly visit. He stayed in my extra bedroom and we hung around town and just relaxed after his long hike. Although we had talked along these lines before, we talked about living in a city vs his small town and how we both grew up, our respective jobs and what we like to do for fun. We liked some similar things and didn't see eye to eye on other things. I recently got a job opportunity in a different city, and we he helped me decide what I wanted to do.

When I was driving him back to the trailhead (about 2 hours away) there was a lot of comfortable silences. But then he commented that in my new city, I will have lots of opportunities to meet and date new guys and how great that will be. And then went on to say how there won't be any prospects for him in his small town back home.

What might he be getting at? Why bring up my new dating opportunities? Does he want me to keep dating and just genuinely showing an interest in my life? Or does he have another motive?


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  • Hey! from what I'm reading it seems one of the things you guys talk about the most is relationships. Having said that, he could have been tying to break the silence by saying something he new you've already spoken about. I hope I've helped! Good Luck!