If a guy isn't pursuing meeting up, is he not that interested?

I started talking to this guy on Tinder 2 days ago. The next day I asked if he wanted to meet and he said yeah we should get drinks or something. We picked Saturday night and the place but not the time. We texted Friday for a while and it was great. I think he's into BUT.. today he didn't even mention the date and when I finally asked about it after work, he said his friend from the navy surprised him and was in town but that we can meet up... I don't want a first meet up/ date/ whatever to be with him and his two friends!! I said that they probably wanted to catch up so enjoy. He then said if I wanted one on one we could meet up tomorrow night and get a bite to eat. What I don't like here is I feel like I'm the only one who is excited about actually seeing him in person. Everything is up to me. Is he interested or not? Or is he a guy who is blase about relationships and lets the girl control everything?


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  • I'd be careful, he may be genuine or he may also be a player and you're right not to meet him with other guys around you dont know. Some military men have been known to drug and rape women so be careful and sometimes they have friends accompany them.

    See what he says the next time you plan to meet and if he goes through with it or if he comes up with more excuses or not, and if he's fake you will see a pattern in his behavior and stories but if he's genuine make sure he treats you well in person too. Make sure you tell family and friends who you're meeting up with and meet in a public and packed place. Just remember you dont know him personally so he may be seeing more women than just you so keep your emotions in check until you know he's for real.


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  • I like a person when she genuinely wants to meet me via social network, because normally girls won't do that when I constantly reaching out for invitation and most of the time they're either accept or reject it.
    In this case, looks like the guy wasn't decisive/serious enough to set the definite date- time, place to meet u.
    Like u said, you don't want to meet a guy with his two friends, he's assumed to be not assured of himself


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