What would a guy think if a girl's hobbies during her childhood and teen years were?

Gun hunting and sword fighting with both her grandfather (who passed away 5 years ago) and her father. First thing I learned before that was throwing punches.

Usually in my family, it's a boy being taught but since I'm an only child, my father decided to teach me as if he was teaching a boy. I guess I grew up kind of tomboyish but then became a girly girly as the years passed by and I started having my first bf in HS.

And I haven't forgotten anything. My house is also packed.

Just that sometimes, I feel kind of different from most girls whose activities are usually playing with dolls, spending time with their dollhouses, talking to female friends about clothes and the latest fashion. During that time, I didn't really
had time for that


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  • Girly girls who can appreciate tomboy things are the best girls :)


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  • A girl I dated would keep swords in the trunk of her car. Liking swords was not a problem. Keeping them with her all the time (and having no use for them) was a little weird, but otherwise it wasn't something that scared me or anything. She wasn't in competitions where she'd need to carry them, she didn't particularly live in a dangerous area, and I thought keeping them in a beat up car might damage them.

    But then one of my best friends has a concealed carry license (several friends, in fact), he works with whip stunts and fire eating, so I'm a little more used to people carrying slightly unusual equipment.

  • That sounds dope to be honest. If you said you grew up watching football too I'd probably propose to you right here. Just kidding.

  • Are you single?

    Cause, dayummmm, how about being a totally interesting (and capable) woman?

    • Now, I'm single. Got cheated on and broke it off but taking a short break.

    • Well, hey, check my profile and send me a message if you're in my locality :D :D

  • That's awesome.

  • I don't like guns. Dumped a girl when I found out she had an NRA bumper sticker. True story. Hate the damn things.


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  • @Just that sometimes, I feel kind of different from most girls whose activities are usually playing with dolls, spending time with their dollhouses, talking to female friends about clothes and the latest fashion

    this is not as common as you think. its a stereotype that many many women do not fall into. and many parents teach their kids w/e the kid wants to learn. not teach their kids w/e the stereotypes attributed to their sex dictate.

    i didn't do any of the stuff you consider to be 'grfl' activity nor did my friends nor do i consider myself a 'tomboy' i think its disrespectful to label a person something other than what they are, when they choose to do things they want to do as the person they are. not asa different person.

    if a girls word fight she's not like a boy.. she's a girl. when she does something that clearly girls can and will do, as is evidenced by the very fact she's a girl doing it.

    i know this has nothing to do with you wanting guys opinions about girls they are dating. i just think its worth thinking about. dont you think its demeaning to call any girl who enjoys nature or using the power of her body or doesn't turn around acting flaky or frivolous- a boy?

    rather than defining a girl in the silliest narrowest of terms, and calling them tom boys when they turn out to be well rounded, there should be an awareness of calling girls of how dynamic females are. just bc the word tom boy exists doesn't mean it should be encouraged. its an absurd word with an even worse definition attached to it. and its use is totally insidious and demeaning.

    i also dont think any guy who thinks its inappropriate or exceptional that you didn't grow up in a mall, is worth your time.

    I do find it a bit unfortunate that you were raised thinking you were doing those things bc there was no boy as apposed to your dad and grand dad just enjoyed doing those things with you.

    • that must have been strange and confusing to feel like a fill in instead of a complete person. ...

      did they actually TELL you thy were only doing that stuff with you bc there was no boy and if they had a boy they would not be hanging out teaching you stuff? that, or did you just assume it was so based on how you thought things usually work?

    • They didn't told me but I assume this because every guy in my family was taught. I know of no female family member who was taught. In my earliest recollection (I was like about 5 years old), I heard my father talking with my grandfather about their gun hunting adventures and everything they did together.
      Then my father said something like ''Wouldn't be bad teaching her too, she'll be the first girl taught'' and after a while my grandfather agreed with him.

    • I know there shouldn't be stereotypes but there is. I'm guessing if there were more girls into this, then these stereotypes wouldn't exist.