Girls how do I get you to respond repeatedly to my messages on pof?

Now I realize that you are flooded with messages from guys, but I getting tired of messaging back and forth a couple times and then not hearing from her again. Girls is their anything I can do to make myself standout from the crowd? Normally i'll start the conversation by mentioning something in the profile and then go from their. Honestly I'd like to message back and forth for a couple weeks before moving to talking on the phone and then trying to setup a date a little later after talking on the phone a couple times. Not sure if that's ok, but it rarely ever gets to that point. Any tips ladies? Thanks:)


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  • It takes a little time to get secure with giving out personal information to someone you hardly know. With the stories you hear about pedophiles hiding behind online identities, can you blame us? Not trying to be rude, but it is definitely a line you want to be sure you're ok crossing as a girl.

  • jus ask if. you can have their number so you can text. sometime

    • I've done that after a few messages and had them be like oh I don't give my number out that quickly.

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