Really annoyed with bf's flakiness?

I've been with my bf for almost 2 years now and lately he's been really really flakey when we make plans and I'm getting sick of it.

We made plans for tonight and he canceled last minute. That would be fine if it happened once or twice but it seems like half the time, he's canceling last minute. It's too late to make plans with someone else so I'm stuck home alone... again... on a Saturday night.

Am I overreacting in being annoyed with the last minute cancelations? It wasn't even a good reason, it was something he could have told me about earlier and I could have gone out with other people instead.

Is it really asking for too much to just give me enough notice ahead of time? Or to not make plans if he doesn't know he's going to make them?


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  • Ask him about it. Depending on his situation you may or may not be right to be annoyed, and who knows his situation better than him.


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