What to say to more generic sounding online dating profiles?

So I'm trying online dating and I see a lot of girls I'd like to message based on their pictures and the "category" information (like smoker/non smoker, etc.). But then their "about me" is like "well I don't really know what to write about myself, I'm outgoing and I love trying new things. People tell me I'm friendly."

What in the world do I say when messaging a general-sounding profile like that? I was always told when writing a message "write something clever using the girl's profile" but what am I supposed to write about profiles with only general information like that? (Of course a lot of women do put more info in their profiles, but there's a lot that don't and I don't want to just skip over all of them.)

I feel like if I just write something like "so tell me more about yourself" the girl will just go "yawn" and skip over it.


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  • Nope nope nope! "Tell me more about yourself" will light up a girls brain like fireworks!

    Everyone loves talking about themselves, so maybe ask questions more than anything else. "What are you studying?" "what work do you do?" "What type of music are you into?" "What are you passionate about?" (that one works really well, because if you love something you can talk for hours about it).

    You could type a message saying "I've seen your profile and would really like to know more about you. Do you enjoy hiking?" or some other activity that you enjoy to try find a common interest.


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