Dating Problems For A Friend!!!?

So, Recently my friend and I just found out that a guy friend of ours has a crush on her. I always thought they would be a cute couple and she thought she was starting to have a crush on him until she realized that she doesn't because she has a connection that she has never felt before with another guy. However this guy friend and her have something going on and she doesn't know what to do about it...

Guys&Girls- What is your opinion on what she should do? (Pick an answer)

  • Stop texting him and avoid him so he hopefully get the idea
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  • Tell him the truth and have things be awkward
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  • Just go with it and hope there " Relationship Thing" changes for the better
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  • Other (Comment with your opinion)
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  • I voted B but I don't feel like things HAVE to be awkward. She doesn't have feelings for him, she can't be blamed for that. I would say she should date this guy who has a supposed connection with her. If things don't work out with that (I... have a feeling it won't work) then she should try the friend if she has somewhat of an interest in him. Could work, could fail.

    • That's a really good answer! She says Thanks! :)

    • But also Why don't u think the "connection guy" would not work?

    • No problem. And I don't know. So many cases where a girl is infatuated with a guy only to find out he's either not really even interested or is just a jerk when he unleashes his true self. Not saying it happens 100% of the time- my girlfriend thought I was perfect for her/uninterested but is always in disbelief that I said yes and we're still together/in love- so it CAN work if they're meant to be.

      In any case, good luck to her!

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