I don't know if it's me or him?

is it normal that i get moody for my bf for no reason, and sometimes don't wanna talk to him? I feel like I might be getting bored, but im not sure..


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  • How id that possible his fault?


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  • I used to get reallyyy moody with my ex when I started getting sick of him. I convinced myself I loved him and that's why I was with him for a year. But.. When he started feeling like more of a chore rather than a reward, I started getting really irritable and didn't even care if he talked to me or not.
    Maybe it means you need to find someone who keeps surprising you. (:

    • but i do i love him i really do i've been wanted to be with him since freshmen year, we're now going to be juniors, i think he's great and all, but I don't know why i get like this...

    • Well see. I was in my relationship this last year. We'll actually the end of my junior year and start of my senior year. He was a sophmore. About 2 years younger. Not good for me.
      If you love him then just talk to him.
      I get moody a lot too and sometimes I just don't know why.
      My boyfriend is allllll about happiness so I think that's why we get along so well. Lol.

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