How to act after two years of separation?

My best friend and I got into a fight before like two years because he want to get to the next step of being together more than friends and suddenly he chicken out and changed his mind, and I tried to fix things between us but he stick with the thought that I have feeling for him even though that he is the one who start the whole thing in the first place! So things start to be complicated and really was upset from everything so I told him I'll be out of your life forever, he really didn't try to take me out of it he just asked why now!

So lately someone anonymous send us both on FB trying to tell us that you both have been manipulated by someone to make you apart and why we don't get back together, so he sent me a message asking about who is this guy and I reply normally then he start asking about me and everything is been around, we talked but in formal way..

Then he told me that he is in the airport and leaving the country now and he'll be back at the end of the month for couple of days, and if you have a time we could meet.

So why he told me this?
does he still have feeling for me?
Or he just being polite?
How should I act if he called when he come back?


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  • The only way to act is awkward

  • I think he probably does but you two seem pretty stubborn. Pride can't be quite foolish especially if you lose a rewarding friendship over it.

    • I'm not he is ! I tried to fix things many time but he still I don't know scared maybe because of his past relations. For me I like him and I won't find anyone better than him I tried to let things back but it didn't work so I thought I should give him his space

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    • Okay I hope something good come with this honesty :)

    • Well regardless you seem like a lovely girl and it would be his loss to not reconcile with you.

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