How to know if a guy likes you or just wants friends with benefits?

He is the guy I like. He is in uni and I can understand that he is busy. Because he lives by himself, needs to work, do school stuff. Because he is doing science. He used to have beard and now he shaved his beard for me. Last time I mentioned about our age difference and he realised that. He send me this text message: So I was thinking about it and maybe you were right, what with the age difference and all. I mean this doesn't mean we can't be friends just stating! And I said to him can we talk about this in person? and we had a chat and I asked him what do you mean by your text message yesterday? He mentioned that we both kind of like each other and he doesn't want me to be pressured by our age difference and what my friends told about me going out with him.

And few weeks ago, he just came back from his ski competition and he texted me "back!:)" and send me his picture. And I said Yay! thats a cute pict and I also said I got him something. And he was really excited. He texted the next weekend and we went on a date. He bought me a dream catcher ( I said that I really want one). I asked him are you curious about your gift? and he tickled me and said tell meee! and once we were at a park, I said close your eye and I cheek kissed him and he was surprised. And we kissed for a pretty long time. His heartbeat was pretty fast. I also feel like he respects me because when he was going to touch my boobs and I slowly rebut his hands and he didn't force. After we kissed, he said do you want to come over my place? And I remain silence and he felt awks and said but its a bit messy tho. And I was like that's okay. But we end up didn't go to his house..


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  • Hello, hello975

    It seems here you have different standards when it comes to dating people than him. Apparently he is more "fast forward" that you seeing that he already want to reach "second base" already on your date (I assume your first date?) and trying to invite you over which would be convenient for if his means were sexual. My opinion on this is the following. If you have rules and standards that you follow, and they make you feel more secure about yourself and more comfortable, than you should tell him. Clearly he is getting a bit over his head over these things by taking these initiatives forcing you to have to step in. You guys are friends, and are dating and all, tell him that you have boundaries and that you don't open up so easily as he may think you do. There is nothing wrong with that, it is sort of a self-dignity of yours. Be it that you want to save such things for later dates, after a month, a year, or marriage, or whatever other time you feel more comfortable having sex or being touched is totally up to you and not him, so he needs to respect it. If he doesn't respect you and your choices, than that is a clear sign he isn't what you are looking for, and perhaps values your body a little bit more than you yourself.

    Don't be ashamed to say no when it is against who you are and what you think, and don't let people pressure you into being something you aren't. Be true to yourself always and find someone that is true to you.

    And as always, just merely an opinion of a complete stranger.

  • He def. wants to smash.

    If you want more than FWB, then lay it out what you want. He'll let you know. I suspect that he'd date you if you wanted to. If he wanted to, he should ask. Doesn't mean that he's not shy, and too scared to do so. You might open it up to that by saying, Feel free to ask me out :)


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