What did he mean by carrying on seeing me?

So me and this guy have been more then friends for a year and I recently brought up that I liked him. He told me he liked me but not enough for a relationship. (Yet he mentioned the other day how I was going up in his expectations and then on another day said he wouldn't get in a relationship unless he was a 100% certain about someone. Maybe I jumped to early?

Anyways while talking he said you can carry on seeing me or you can just leave it as it is now it's up to you.' What does he mean by the seeing bit? Is he just being literal like seeing him or seeing him in that way?


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  • I think he likes you, but just as he said not enough for him to be in a relationship. He might be an indecisive person. Unless you really really like him, don't make yourself an option for him. It's like he's giving himself time to make sure he likes u or not.

  • I think he means as a friend, or he's trying to stick it in you. Don't let him

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