How do you recover from saying something stupid?

So I have been seeing this guy regularly for a few weeks. We aren't quite yet exclusive. We both work in different departments in a hospital. But he's a resident and I am just an intern in another area.

Yesterday things went okay. But at one point I told him too much information about a particular case. I didn't mention a name, I just mentioned the unique situation I am dealing with. He responded by saying "you probably shouldn't have said that for medical or legal reasons".

I started to think I just looked really stupid, because he was 100% right. Even though what i said was vague. In the moment though I blamed it on the fact that I didn't really get the proper training, and i know not to mention most things.

After that a few things started to happen. Like we went to the pool and lay out in the sun, he was kind of quiet. Then latter when we were kissing, I burped in kinda of an awkward, but I said sorry. He told me it was a huge turnoff when I say sorry for little things.

Am I overthinking this? Should I thank him for mentioning that I shouldn't have told him what I did about the case? or just pretend it didn't happen? I do know better.

I guess what I mean is should I acknowledge that I know what I said was stupid? Or should I just not mention it?


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  • Just DO what he says!
    Learn from him
    He's working WITH you, so just GO with that
    Soon, you'll be mature enough for him and will be drawn in closer
    Forget the past, don't blame others when you screw up

    • Thanks! That's a fair point actually. I think I am mature enough for him, but I just didn't sound it lol

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  • It's no biggie and I think he's being uptight. If you're seeing each other many couples will chat about work- he sounds a bit silly to me.

  • we are all stupid at some time or the other. Have to live with it.


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  • Just let the shit go already. You sound like a spaz calm the fuck down. You are over thinking way too much. S hit happens. If he told you it was un attractive to him when you always apologize needlessly, why would you apologize again needlessly. All that will do is show him that you don't listen to him and have major self esteem and neurotic issues.

    • As crazy as I am going to sound right now, you are correct. I guess I was just embarassed. Thanks for your honesty. In all honesty, him not wanting to date me would be okay, I mean, whatever, there is plenty of fish in the sea. I have a much bigger issue with sounding stupid, as I did. But as you said shit happens. I do tend to overthink things and that's why I asked, saved me from making it much worse.

    • No problem, you're also confusing making simple mistakes with sounding stupid. I know as women we are guilt tripped to hell and have a habit of over apologizing, but that is a habit that needs to be broken. Because it'll give people the image that you aren't capable, and it will open a door for people to take advantage of you. Saying something stupid is more on the lines of calling the sun a planet. Learn not to be so critical of yourself concering things that aren't important.

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