Question about a very confusing girl?

This fairly shy girl I work with is very hard to read, she's weird plus she has a boy friend. I like her and I think she likes me too. We work in the same department. She will smile at me and flip her hair at me sometimes, just like flirty I guess. I think she likes my buddy too. She is the only cute girl at work and I see her and my buddy walking and talking all the time for the past 4 months, I've never seen her do this with anyone else. There have been times where she has flirted with me in front of him and like watched him while she did it. Which made me think. If it's the three is together I try to read the situation. One time me and him were walking towards her down the hall and as we passed she locks eyes with him the entire time. She didn't look my way once and i even said get real soft. Another time me and him were talking in the hall a few feet away from each other and she walks up to me smiling and joking but kind if watching him for some reason like the while time she was doing it. Then he turned to walk away and she ran to catch up with him. Another time we were all on an elevator together and she gets on flips her hair at me hen turns and faces him and he dominates the convo making is laugh. Then as we get off she spins around in front of his office area to tell him a story while i just stand there feeling dumb. She didn't really include me in the story. Then I kind if wait for her to walk down the hall and she spins back toward him to comment on something he said. We walk down the hall together and I ask her if she wants to take he short cut she says no thanks.

So now I've seen then walk/talk together the last 4 months. Now I don't see them talking like at all, and lately she has been like following me down the stairs out to the parking lot like a minute after I leave every afternoon/or lunch. We've even been arriving at the same time in the AM and walking and talking together (like they used to I guess). It's kind if weird to me. What's up?


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  • I think she's playing both of you. This is a very weird situation and best thing to do might be to just move on from her and warn your buddy about her. It's not worth the risk and the pain you'll get when she says she doesn't feel the same way so if I was you I'd just move on and find someone who gives less drama.

    • I know it's so weird. Do you think she likes one more?

    • No I think she's just after attention and it's using you and your friend to get it.