I got a problem help me please?

I really like this boy but I shouldn't cause like the last week of school he asked me out and little did I know that it was just a prank. Which one of my good friend was in on it too they both rode my bus too and he wasn't really the best person in the world he always got in trouble and goes to kimle this year and I don't know I just kinda miss him or something I don't really know I am just really confused I mean I hated him for so long than I saw him on the bus after he had 3days out of school and almost cryied I did but not infrount of him but yeah

Update I'm over him
)": I'm so confused right now
:( wish I didn't like him :(
What can I do to stop I don't wanna like him but I do:(


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  • Interesting first off any one willing to prank you like that is not a friend. secondly if you really still like him after that then you are a kind heart that is looking for love in the wrong place, but lets give him benefit of the doubt. lets say he is a better person than i assume then you should make a move if you really want to be with him ask him out for real. Understand that he has already lost the level of trust you should have going in to any relationship though. In my opinion you should just let him go and try to move forward, but the reality is that your young and really no matter what i or anyone else suggest the decision is yours. if you do choose to try a relationship with him just be cautious. I hope my words help with your decision and i wish you luck.


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  • You should follow your heart and if you really like him then he should know. And don't be afraid, have a little courage.

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