Should I contact hlm or I just let It bé?

We were in the same class during highschool for two Years. First we flirted, we liked each other but i ignored him cos i find That nobody liked him and It made look at a different angle which i didn't like. Now Its been one All year we didn't Sée each other cos we dont Go to the same school, and Im now thinking about him and regreting not going out with him. What should i do, give It a try or just leave It be? Should i contact hlm on Facebook


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  • First you ignored him and now youu want him back? How mean! But it's not late, so if you are ok with it apologise and contact, why not. All the best.

  • if he knows that u didn't like him cause no1 liked him.. so please dont contact him if he is not interested in u at present... it will make him feel miserable..
    just try to his current state of mind about you if u really want him...


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