How can I get her to start caling/texting me again?

What are some tips on getting her to start calling and texting me again?

I text her every once in a while but I always get one word answers and it seems like she is just brushing me off

(she doesn't call either) but when I call we can talk forever

She is a good friend who I have feelings for but she has a boyfriend. Can I get her to text and call me? How can I get her thinking about me? Get her to want to talk to me.

She has a boyfriend right now and I'm trying to get her back. I'm thinking if I just make the time I have with her great and maybe text her or call her the nights after we do hang out it will get her to call? Hope this little extra info helps! Thanks


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  • You can't do anything, and should do less.

    I suggest suddenly breaking all contact with her and avoiding her. This way she realizes what she loses by not having you around and will either run for you. Or replace you with another Asian dude. As it stands right now. She wins. And your left standing around hoping in vain

  • I had a problem like with a girl that I really liked also. The advice that I got (from this site actually) is that:

    She really really likes it when you call or text her. That is one way that you can show her that you care. If she doesn't call you or text you back then then she will show you that she cares in another way. If you stop calling her then you will get the "you never call me anymore" crap.

    Unfortunately it didn't work out with the girl that I liked so that is always a possibility. I guess guys are incapable of understanding most of the things that girls do. Its just like Jack's line from "As Good as it Gets". How do you portray women so well in your novels? Its easy I just imagine a man and remove every aspect of rational thought. Very funny and very true :).

    • Thanks for the answer. She is actually a good friend of mine whom we had something brief in the passed but I did something that messed some stuff up 3 weeks ago so I think I'm going to just call her or text her after I see her occasionally. Give her space.

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