How do I tell him I like him? I'm shy?

I've liked this guy for two and a half years. He's two years older than I. I really like him and feel like I should tell him. How do I do it?

I can't get him alone even if I tried. I WOULD date him if he asked me. I'm not sure how my parents would take it. They know we like each other. They're concerned about him being in tenth and me being in eighth.
I told him. He said he understood why I just well blurted it out to him. He said he understands because he has friends who have said the same to him. What I want to know is if he understood how much pain that statement put me in?
Okay so we're been talking a lot about my crush towards him. I think I made him feel better about himself. He's not just a pretty face. That's more of the bonus. I don't really think I like that much anymore. I think I'm in freaking love.


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  • You ask him to talk and just say "... will you be my boyfriend? ". Simple and the most direct way to ask him if he's interested.

    And I know your shy but let me tell you the scenario in which my girlfriend asked me out.

    She was a sophomore I was a senior. Age 16 and 18. I'm 1 ft 2 in. taller than her. She's NEVER had a boyfriend. She's shy, introverted, and had low self esteem. She thought I was perfect and didn't think I'd ever like her back. With all of that stuff to scare her she mustered up the courage to ask me out after a month of being friends and I said yes without even thinking about it.

    If she could do it you can too!

    • You see the thing is... I just want to tell him. I don't think he likes me enough to want to date me. I just want get that ONE thing off my chest. I'm in eight and he's in tenth. I know he has a crush on me. His dad has leaked it on more than one occasion. I just don't think. He likes me in the way of dating me. Sure, we flirt and tease each other a lot but I don't think it's because of that.

    • Well I don't know then. I personally think if two people have feelings for each other they should date and see what happens, but if that's not your interest then so be it.

      If ALL you want to do is tell him then just do it, I don't know what kind of advice you want lol.

    • Lol... thanks

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  • Write a note that says 'I like you'. Tie it to a brick and throw it at him. He'll get the idea.

  • just go up to him and tell him

    • Well, I wouldn't be able to get him alone to tell him.

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