My ex boyfirend is taking his new girlfirend on vacation, how can I not think about it?

me and ex broke up weeks ago im still raw from out breakup.

so he left me for a girl who looks like megan fox and is taking her on a vacation, he wouldn't even take me out dinner :( always making exuses that he had to work...

but what hurts is that last year he promised me that he would take somwere speacial, were i always wanted to go "Venic Italy! and i am an artist and my dream was to go there with my lover... but now he is taking his new gf who looks like megan fox clone...

i know it petty and stupid but it still break my heart to bits,

so how can i not think about it as long as there gone?

plus me any my ex live close,...


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  • You have to learn to separate yourself from your ex. Actually don't even call him your ex. He's a person and people sometimes go on vacation with other people. You wouldn't get mad if I took my girlfriend to Venice. You're still looking at him as if you two are together and connected and you are to a certain extent but he's not your boyfriend nor is he your ex. Yes you dated him and yes you two broke up but he's not "your" ex. You have to let go and let him go do as he pleases for your own sake. He's his own person doing what he wants to do with his life and so are you. You can't stop thinking about him going with her because that's not what you want to happen. You want that to be you but it's not. And getting worked up about it all isn't going to help. You being in Venice with him isn't going to make you happy and even if it would in some hypothetical world that's not what's happening here and you just have to accept that. I know it's tough but it is what it is. I'm positive you'll eventually be okay. It may help to pay attention to your life and to stop comparing your life to what you think it should be because your life right now is probably a lot better than you think it is. Try taking a break and just listing out the positives in your life right now. From the biggest to the smallest, the unique to the mundane. You'll be fine eventually I promise.


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  • Oh wow, that is horrible. Broke up with you and already moved on, so messed up, my ex did the same, it hurts a lot. I try and listen to a lot of music at the moment, and i've become a workaholic. When i'm not working, or alone, i have a t. v. on or a film for noise. I'm in a pretty messed up place. Since I'm at University and it's the holidays, i've come home for a few weeks to spend some time with my family, although it doesn't help much. Maybe there is a way to stay with friends/family for you?

    And in the future, you'll find your prince charming I hope who will take you to Venice.

    • thanks for sharing your breakup experiance too, it helps alot,... i hope it gets easier for you as well. have a good day.

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  • I understand how you feel. A similar thing happened to me six year ago. I kept emphasizing to my ex that I wanted to go to a certain place, we agreed that we would eventually go there together. So we broke up, and a couple of weeks later. they are going to that particular place. I wasn't hurt, just pissed off.
    In your situation, just remind yourself that this person wasn't your match and that there is someone else who is better for you. Why are you still communicating with your ex? Do you think that he is keeping you around, or are you sticking around just in case they do not work out? Just asking.
    There's nothing wrong with being friends with someone but if it's causing you a great deal of heartache, then you might have to rethink the whole thing.

    • no im not talking to him he doesn't want me to comminucate with him no longer :(... but we live close so i know what he is upto. not that i try to find out but i just suddently hear it from som1 else

  • I know how you feel, it's like torture. But hang in there hun, it will get easier over time, try keep yourself busy and keep telling yourself you are way better than this scumbag and his Megan fox!

    • yeah he is a scumbag,... thanks for your advice, have a good day.

  • yikes that is cold. do something for you, whether its going shopping, hanging out with friends, etc. Honestly, you'll find someone soo much than that guy. just saying.

  • Aw :( don't sell yourself so short. Just take a vacation yourself.

    • i can't afford one, we both planned on going last year, said he would take me,... but i guess a walk on the beach could do... thanks for your advice...

    • You're welcome.