Should I give him my number without him asking?

A few weeks ago I moved to a new area to work for the summer, about two weeks ago I went down to the local village pub with the family I work for and there was a goodlooking barman about the same age as me. We kept catching each others eyes and introduced ourselves, I've been in to the pub twice since then, the first time with the family again (they teased me that he was looking at me a lot) and the next time on my own and that time we talked more and he even bought me a drink. But he hasn't asked for my number or anything. There are lots of lingering looks and smiles and he asks me lots about myself and a bit of teasing but does he like me or is he just being a polite barman? I would really like to go out with him and since im only here for another two months id quite like to get the ball moving. Would it be weird or awkward for me to give him my number without him asking? How could I do it smoothly so he doesn't think im desperate, or better still how could I get him to ask first? Also how often can I go there without it becoming awkward? I was in on my own on Thursday would it be ok to go tonight or tomorrow night or too much?


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  • It would be okay to go in and to give him your number. Social boundaries and expectations of males having to initiate everything are not really relevant anymore - and to be honest with the current social environment where guys are told they're creepy or treated like creeps for approaching women even with plenty of IOIs given it's quite nerve destroying to initiate. I find the easiest way to get things going is to show interest or that you're open to his invitations in a direct way, then let him chase.

    Women chose, men chase. That's my input anyway.

    • Also you can do it smoothly, by saying hey as I am new here do you want to hang out sometime and show me around a bit? (a bit cliche but hey works)


      You could ask about his hobbies, and try to get in that way.

      This would be the two easiest I think, you don't necessarily have to give him your number to get him involved.

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  • I don't know if your a confident person or not but rather than giving him your number, if probably approach it more asking him if he wants to go out sometime for a drink. Away from that bar. See what happens from there. I think asking him out would be much easier than trying to give him your number or even asking him for his number

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