How can you trust a girl?

One aspect of a healthy relationship is where one side does not cheat on the other. As you all most likely know, both sides need to trust one another in order for the relationship to work out.

My concern here is about the women cheating. Although some may not realize it, women can get a man very easily and it is that notion that scares me a little bit. So if i'm not the best guy out there, which i'm obviously not (how could anyone expect to be), how do i know she won't simply cheat or leave in any case? Are there any good signs that will indicate a trustworthy girl?

Now personally, I have not dated anyone so I would like to hear some of your opinions/experience.

I just re-read my question and realized i sound very clingy. I'm not clingy in real life. If i had a gf i would understand this and i would always give her space. Sorry if i came off as creepy clingy lol


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  • I give trust as soon as a commitment is made. However, once it is lost then I will quickly walk away.

    Trust usually has to be earned through many challenges in my friendships.

    In my relationships I will not commit until a woman has earned my trust to begin with. Compatibility and her having her own mind and voice is important. Trust goes both ways.

    I would suggest to you that you don't commit until you communicate at some level with a woman and build that trust up.

    Sex is quite cheap in modern society and people sleep together without building trust at all. You want to try and push sex back a little bit longer to build the trust up. Once you feel you can trust the woman you commit. If she breaks the trust then she the commitment is broken. I have no time for cheaters. I wouldn't cheat and I expect them not to cheat. I am not the forgive and forget sort once a commitment is made.


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  • Everyone seems to be giving you good answers I think and its along the lines I was going to say.
    Everyone has fears they are not good enough BUT someone out there will think you are good enough for them. People want so many different things from their partner you wouldn't be able to tell if someone is a cheater just by looking at them or dating once.
    If you aren't sure about someones commitment level then listen to how they talk. As questions about past relationships and how they define their past relationships.. were they always the victim, the guys were always horrible to her.. did a previous bf cheat on her before. Then she might know what it feels like already. But communication is a big thing and listen to your gut.

    • That's a good idea to get to know their previous relationships a little but I don't think any girl is going to claim that they cheated on their past partners.

    • You would be surprised.

  • I'm a woman n that is my fear. I know there r better looking women than me out there. Even sexier women than me out there. All u can do us be the best you can be n pray that it's enough. If it's not, then that is there loss.


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  • You don't know if you can trust her, exactly like she can't know she can trust you.

    You just have to take the chance, and trust her untill she proves to you she can't. You sound like you're lacking some confidence? If that's the case, work on that, and you will find an easier time trusting women.

  • girls are like snakes.. lol jk.
    trust your womans loyality. you can't do better.

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