How to attract this girl?

So I've been friends with this girl sometime in college she's real cool but the problem is she doesn't date anyone at all and never dated before too as she believes all guys get boring once you start dating them as she said she noticed from friends and rather remain friends. She said if she dated she would've dated me once before.

has anyone been in a situation like this?
If so how did you get her to change her mind?


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  • Don't try to chase her. She probably thinks she's being super cool and that other people aren't worth her attention. I mean, I wouldn't care if she just hadn't found anyone she liked, but saying it like that? That basically none of all the people in the world are worth getting to know? If, one day, she realises that she was being stupid, she'll come up to you, but I don't think it's very likely. She'll have to learn her lesson one way or another, but that might take some time.

  • As much as you like this girl, I would say that you should try to let her go. If she comes back then its meant to be, and if not, then you'll meet an awesome girl who does relationships.


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