Will I have luck dating in college?

I'm 18 and have never had a boyfriend (I haven't even kissed a guy). A few guys have been interested but they usually weren't my type. I'm rather shy so I'm usually not one to initiate a conversation with a random guy that I think is attractive. I'd say I'm a pretty down-to-earth, friendly person and I love to laugh/make others laugh. The college I'm going to is a small, private college (around 2500 students) and my incoming freshman class is somewhere between 250-300 students. I'm curious if I would have any luck dating in college or if most guys are just looking for a hook up or something? I certainly wouldn't rush into a relationship the first week of my freshman year but it'd be nice to know there's hope for a relationship later along the line.


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  • Yes of course. I cannot say it will be during college and don't just accept the first man that arrives out of desperation. Work hard, learn as much as you can and just have fun.

    Push your boundaries a little and break down the shyness. Confident foundations built now can last a lifetime. Not all men will approach a shy girl and those that do will probably want to dominate and possibly control you. Watch how they are with other people to get a good measure of them and remember that you do not need to rush at all. If anyone pressures you or tries to get you to rush then they are not right for you.

    Have faith, you have a whole world opening up for you.


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