She does not make much eye contact. Its as if she is public speaking?

we have gone out a few times now, and the texting and conversation has me under the impression that we are (dating, an item, together) whatever it is these days. but she doesn't make eye contact with me. I'm looking at her to see the kiss me look but she is not really looking at me. what gives?


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  • She is uncomfortable because she ia super shy and nervous hehe

    • any chance Im just that deep into the friendzone? I've been paying on our outings. we live a good distance apart as well. its even though as far as who drives to see eachother.

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    • maybe she is uncomfortable, im not totally comfortable either, I know she enjoys herself though at least she says she does.

    • Well then everything is fine. She is just super nervous she probably likes you a lot and is afraid to embarrass herself. Your guys next should be in a more fun free-spirited environment so that it will be easy to break the ice. Therefore you both can warm up to one another:).

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  • Uwww. She is shy. Just continue to go out can comfort her. She'll eventually start to look you in the eye

  • Just let her get more comfortable, could also be and adhd thing. I have issues making eye contact because of my adhd.


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