Does he want a baby? Help guys, will select BA?

I've been with my boyfriend for a few months now. We were friends beforehand. We've not had sex yet, but we have talked about a possible future together.

Tonight ended up talking about how we'd raise our kids if we had any. He told me he thinks I'd be a good mum too. Everything went silent so we just lay cuddling and he blurted out 'do you want to make a baby?' And I was like 'what?' So he repeated it again. I was a little shocked and asked him to repeat it again, and he did. But when I said 'is that what you want?' He was like 'no... I was joking'.

So I'm pretty much confused. I just don't get why he'd ask me such a serious thing in a 'joking' manner.

We're great friends and he's assured me he wants to stand by me. Do you think he maybe wants a baby?


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  • Best way to find out is to sit down and talk with him, i see a few comments below stating he just wanted sex, and while that may be true, i find it rather strange that he would iniciate that by asking "do you want to make a baby" expecially after having a discussion about raisding childeren, most guys would just be straight up if they wanted sex.

    There might be more to the situation than him just wanting to get lucky because of the way he asked and the context of the conversation you both had just finished.

    the reason for the backpedaled "no... i was just joking" could be just that , he was joking or it could be because he was trying to ask you a serious question and he's now feeling a little embarresed.

    Either way i woudlent panic I would advise sitting him down when you next can be calm, relaxed and a little blunt, tell him there is nothing to worry about but you want to understand exactly what he was asking with out misinterporating any thing.

    Just let him know your trying to understand better and that you won't be upset or mad at his answer, if any thing it will help you both grow together and the relationship because hopefully it will shead light on his thoughts and how he comminuqets a little.


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  • Well, one point you call this guy your boyfriend than at the end
    of your sentence you call the guy a great friend which is it?
    I believe this was all said out of joke and I don't think neither
    one of you are mature or even ready enough to raise a child
    Really wait to about 4-5 years than maybe you will both know
    what you want in life

  • No he does not want a baby, he wanted sex. He does in the future though.


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  • In his head, this was what happened:

    Him: "do you want to have sex?"
    You: "what?"
    Him: "do you want to have sex?"
    You: "is that what you want?"
    Him (thinking): damn, she doesn't wanna have sex with me. I'll pretend to not let my feelings be hurt by her not desiring me sexually or not being ready to have sex with me yet. "No... I was joking."

    He does want a baby in the future.