My boyfriend keeps telling me he likes me a lot or is crazy about me, is it normal to say it so often or should I be weary of his intentions?

We've been dating for over 3 months now and he says he likes me a lot esp more so during sex... he's my boyfriend now but still has his dating profile up which is weird. I'm suspicious over everything. by the way I have met his close friends and his parents.


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  • If he is smiling when he says he's crazy about you then he is probably lying, especially if he repeats it so often.

    When you meet a lover's parents it's not too hard to tell whether you are merely one of a parade of lovers and consorts. If the parents rarely meet their kid's romantic interests they will smile, make you welcome, and engage you in conversation and want to know all about you. If you are the tenth or twentieth paraded through their house, they might say Hi! and turn back to what they were doing. Same for friends.

    Tell him to take down his dating profile if he likes you so much. If it's still there after a reasonable period (?24 hours) you will know something is up. Do you know what he is up to at all times?

    Well, in the end it is good that you're suspicious. That could be your neurons gathering and storing clues in your subconscious, but it could also be your subconscious and unacknowledged fear about the relationship, that you yourself may not want to be in it and so question the whole relationship. Have you had unpleasant former experiences with other guys which you don't want to repeat? Maybe if you give it time the answer will rise into your consciousness.


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