Girls I need your opinion please?

what do girls think? I'm 31 years old guy, good shape and look, but have 50% grey on head and face.

Some people suggested to dye some said to keep it some didn't talk at all. Ist stress or genes?

And I dated a girl she's 21 for almost a year she had never mentioned anything about dying it.

What do you think guys should I keep it or dye it?

The only thing sometimes it bothers me though but yet I try to be as confident as I can even when I go through a new date maybe ill go natural.

But the question is does it really matter to girls especially young ones?

And you think if my girlfriend cared she would have mentioned it to me any way right?


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  • If she cared she would of said something by now. I don't think you should take what others say into perspective at all do what makes you happy. If you want to keep it keep it, if you want to dye it then dye it. I think grey hair can sometimes look sexy on a man but if you're feeling insecure about it maybe ask your girlfriend for her opinion but other than that I'm sure it's fine


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  • I'm young and I think some guys with grey hair are hot! You have to wear it well be suave, sexy and confident about it. I'm sure she is attracted to you and that is one of the reason she got with you and is still with you. Don't change for someone else change for you, if you like it and are confortable with it then don't worry that is all that matters. Be that silver fox:)

  • A little bit of gray is sexy. It also automatically makes me think a little bit more mature than the average guy. And if your last girlfriend didn't say anything about it then it probably looks good. I wouldn't die it or change it all, rock it with that confidence and you're all good.

  • I would say if you have facial hair you wouldn't want to dye your head too much or that might look funny. They have some for older guys hair colors that like hide some of it but lwt some greys show to still look natural I would maybe try something like that. I don't think I would mind much either way but it could help boost your confidence

    • Thanks a lot dear but im thinking to keep it natural with as much confident as if I was no grey... the most important thing is I don't want to feel embarrassed when especially meeting new dates or feel that it would really make an impact on the date although as the matter of fact its just a hair colour anyway.

  • I like grey hair on a guy. It comes across as more experienced and mature to me.

    • Thanks a lot dear so do you suggest I go natural all the way?

    • I would. Its who you are. As long as you are comfortable with it. It you lack confidence a woman will be able to tell. She may not know its your hair but she will sense it.
      Also just make sure its well trimmed to suit your face shape and your golden! ;)

    • Thank u :)

  • Why don't you ask your girlfriend about it? Just let her know you're thinking about it and ask her if she thinks you should dye it. She might care, she might not. I'd personally want my boyfriend to dye his hair if he's showing greys. I'm a 23 girl and I have some grey hair as well... lol, needless to say I dye it.

    • Thanks a lot unfortunately we broke up recently but while we were to gethere she hadn't mentioned anything about though.

      You know to be honest I've never see it as turn off from the girls and guys I saw once they start a conversation I directly see who they are and neglect those silly thongs about their looks.

      But I just want to be convinced with my grey and as confident as I was before and think less of it but im really struggling to find how?

    • Is she the type to be very open or does she keep things in? Because if she's fairly open and didn't mention it then that means it didn't bother her at all. But I think you should just do whatever YOU feel is comfortable. Like I'm not comfortable with my grey hair at all so I dye it. But if you are, then just embrace it. :)

  • Keep your natural look. If she had care she would have mention it.

    • Agree with commentee... the most judgement you'll get will be from outsiders and her relatives, assuming it's a serious enough relationship you meet her family. My cousin is dating a by who is supposrdlt only a little offer tab her but he has a lot of gray hairs for guys his age. Honestly... the family talks, but she doesn't care one bit, that's life :/

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