If a guy says that we are dating is it wrong for me to go out and talk to other guys? I told him that I would but now I i love him and I told him i?

Love him. And I feel like that leaves me vulnerable since I told him that I love him


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  • If you two are just dating and you want more
    than you have every right to get out there
    and get what your looking for which you want
    is a relationship. I think your looking more from
    him so you came out and told him you love him
    cause that's what you want from him but if he
    isn't willing to give that to you than you both
    should move on.


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  • Its not wrong to go out with other guys specially if you told him that you would do so. But now the really problem is that you told him that you LOVE HIM? You got to ask yourself that very same question... do you really love him, or is it just something you had to tell him, to make the situation be alright?

    • I feel like I should find someone that wants a relationship
      He says we are dating
      He says he does not like labels
      He respects me but it is not enough

    • There you go ms, you want someone thats more of a couple type, instead of a dating type.

  • Im a firm believer that now one has the right to tell you who you can and can't talk to or socialise with so as long as you come home to the one you love at the end of the day and you just socialising with your other male friends, I dont see there should be a problem!

    Generaly speaking if there is then that is a kee indicator of an insecure guy and if that is the case you'll need to sit down and have a talk and set things straight

    • Well he never called me his girlfriend even when I texted him and brought it up

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    • At this point it's safe to assume he is a jerk for leaving me hanging
      And I no longer care about his feelings

    • Yea totally!, time for you to go do what will make you happy, be with those that you want!!, have fun and good lucky with the next guy whom ever he may be :D


    • as a matter of fact you should just lock yourself inside your house all day so you can avoid accidentally glancing at another guy and eye cheating. And don't go on the internet because there are guys on there and that is click cheating

  • You two are dating and that is it, nothing more. So in my opinion it is okay! It makes it even more okay that you told him.


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  • if he doesn't like labels then he's not ur bf.
    if he's not ur bf then ur single
    if ur single u can date who u want

    ladies, don't let these men control yall. if he doesn't wanna officially be ur man then he can't make demands on who u can and cannot see. that whole "i don't believe in titles" bs is just game. I bet if he met a woman he wanted to date, he'd go out and talk to her... he just don't want you to do it. if u love him and he loves u then why can't he be ur man? there's no excuse, so why not find somebody who can offer u what ur looking for

  • It depends on if you are dating or if you are in an exclusive relationship... and also about how you are talking to these other guys and what your intention is behind it.

    • He says we are dating and he never called me his girlfriend and he never says we are in a relationship and I brought It up too

    • You mean you brought it up and he said you two are not bf/gf? If you are not and you already had that talk that confirmed it... then I'd say no, there is nothing wrong with going ahead and dating other people if you are not exclusive... if you want to

    • He did not say no
      He never confirmed it nor did he deny it

  • Its not wrong to talk to other guys if you're in a relationship as long as you're not involved with someone else, There is nothing wrong with just talking to others plus you did tell him :)

    • We are not in a relationship
      I even brought up through text if we were boyfriend and girlfriend
      He responds days later saying he is tired and busy
      I bring it up weeks later and I ask him if we are in a relationship he text me a day later that he wants to just keep dating and do things the right way
      He respects me but I feel it's not enough
      He is passionate but I feel as if we are not in a relationship
      He doesn't have to yell it to the world but he never called me his gf
      I texted him telling him I'm going to start dating other guys who want more from me
      He says he just doesn't want sex
      But since then I have told him I loved him but that was recently
      And his response was yea right
      But since I think about finding someone else
      I'm starting to think that maybe I don't love him after all

    • wow to be honest he doesn't seem like such a respectable guy, you need to get him to be clear to you on whether you guys are something or not, it just seems like he's beating around the bush and not like making something official...

    • Yep :( he respects me though and he is nice but he's not direct