What Are Your Experiences With Online Dating?

I'm not sure about women, but as a guy... I think online dating is stupid.

You can create a unique profile, talk about your interests, accomplishments and dreams and have awesome and attractive photos to boot... but women still don't give you the time of day on these sites.

When I used OkCupid before, I was talking to two women on two separate occasions. I was connecting with them well, talking with them for 2 weeks everyday. When I asked for their numbers, they would stop replying to me. I deleted my account for a day or two, got back on and they deleted theirs too! That's the farthest I have ever gotten with women on online dating.

Just a lot of attention whores, single women, women who demand too much from men, bitter women, stuck up women, etc... That's what I used to see when I tried online dating.

What are your experiences with online dating?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think online dating is fun. But, I would go on dating sites and talk to people who were actually close to me. If I didn't, it was still nice to just have someone to chat with, nothing serious. I have a few good friends who I've met on online dating sites, but I would never have a long distance online relationship. I met my current boyfriend, future husband <3, on a dating site - we actually went to high school together but he was too shy and I was too shy as well... so online dating is good for those who need a little confidence boost.


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What Girls Said 4

  • I don't hate it, and I don't love it I'm rather neutral about it.

    I've had a few fantastic dates, and a few just plain awful dates from it. It you're dedicated enough, and you have the time to meet several people and search for "the one", all power to you. I've had friends who have been extremely successful with online dating.

  • I met up with two guys out of about 25 who messaged me and all any of them wanted was sex. One guy asked if I wanted to fool around in his car on the second date and said if we are still seeing eachother in a few weeks he will let me see his house! lol
    Most of them didn't make it past the first conversation without bringing up sexual interest. i gave up on online dating. Waste of time when I could be having fun. :)

  • I met my current boyfriend on Meetme. com
    I personally would have never meant to meet a prince on there but I did! (:

  • Speaking from personal experience; online dating is an act of desperation. Like yourself, I think online dating is stupid. It can only give you a fraction of what real life dating can. The actual chance that online dating can work is slim to none. Everyone wants to think they are that special couple who works out when in reality, most people are not and will never be despite how adorable and cutesy they try to be with this person they met online. I'll never date online again!


What Guys Said 1

  • Don't forget there's way too many single moms.

    My older brother does online dating and gets with many women though. It's a pretty good way to get laid if you know what you are doing. I did it for shits and giggles and there were quite a few women interested in meeting, but at the time I had a GF (don't judge) and I never went as far as to meet up with one. I used Plenty of Fish.

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