OMG I really messed up!

So I am footloose and fancy free these days. Got a 9 year younger guy falling head over heals for me. What are the thoughts on this relationship happening. I am 36 but get pegged for under 30 all the time and he is 27. I'm open for whatever, but he is truly 11 years older than one of my kids. That is my red flag

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  • I say go for it... had one of them things back in my time... but, sweetheart, if your children are still growing up you are going to start perceiving this 'relationship' in terms of what's best for them. Please, please do not try to fuck him into daddyhood. Find out NOW exactly where he stands on the issue.

    If the kiddies are grown, then i say bang your boy toy all night long.


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  • The heart falls in love with whom it chooses and when this happens age, race, color, religion, distance rarly matter, i have found it is always best to leat the heart go where it wants to, rather than to face the inner battle between mind and heart.

    How do you feel about him?, If your in to him and happy and he seems genuinly in to you and ok with the kids (and they are with him), should it matter about the age differance?

    • Thanks that's awesome. They are my kifs , but for some reason I haven't figured out this guy doesn't care. He wants me. So your right I have to get past the issues. Thanks

    • Your very welcome xD

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  • So you got a young guy beside you and are now having his baby?
    Well firstly congratulations if that's the case. To be honest with you, you're a grown woman and I'm sure you're capable of making your own life choices. As long as you're both physically and emotionally involved in the relationship, I don't see it as being a negative thing.
    Your kids might not be happy or maybe they might be if they've met him? Goodluck.

    • Not having his baby, that would be something. He is 11 years older than my oldest child.

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    • One acceptance is all you need. The rest is how you feel about him.

    • Yeah having an issue getting past the age thing, but reminds me of a movie (angry black woman)? Ur right tho

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