Why is he acting so distant? Has he lost interest in me?

So I've been talking to this guy for about a month, and at first we used to text everyday and night and talk on the phone, but for he past week he's been really distant. I feel like he doesn't want to text me. Monday we hungout, and he told me to call him Tuesday night because he had to get up early Tuesday morning, but since he didn't text me, I felt he didn't want me to talk to him (which is dumb because communication works both ways, and I do regret not initiating the conversation.) so, we didn't talk at all Tuesday, and then he texted me Wednesday, but he took hours to answer and his texts weren't how they used to be, I felt like he didn't want to talk to me. But, then I saw him Friday, and he seemed happy to see me, he came right up to me and lightly punched me on the cheek, and asked me how I was and everything. And I drove him home, and he kissed me on the lips, and told me to text him when I got home. I texted him, but he was still the same boring way. Yet, yesterday he asked me when I can hangout and we're hanging out tomorrow. But I'm just so confused.


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  • Maybe he wants to take it slow without any type of pressure or feel compromise. You said he asked you to go out with him that means something dont you think? If you want something serious you should talk to him and ask about his intentions, be clear from the start. If not go with the flow, time will tell. Good luck.


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