Should I tell him how I feel anyways?

i visited him a month ago and he tried to kiss me several times (he was drunk) and i said we should stay friends because it would be too hard for me to hookup with him because i do have feelings for him but we are seperated by distance. he told me he has always liked me and still does before he moved. but he still ties to kiss me and playful hits me when he saw me. he's home now and i really want to tell him how i feel and get with him but i dont know if i should because i dont want to get even more attached to him since he is going back. what do i do?

would he get more intense feelings if i told him i liked him back?
what to do


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  • if you like this guy, then risk it and gamble. he would probably be very happy and elated (if he still likes you) if you told him you like him.

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