Will I get more attached?

He told me he liked me a year ago and i said we should stay friends because he was moving away and i did not want to get more attached. he's back for a few days now and he is being very flirty with me by playfully hitting me and i catch him looking at me. he always asks me "love me or do you love me and i just brush it off because its too hard. he tried all night to kisss me when drunk but i said to stay friends because i dont want to get more attached since he's keaving. he he claims to actually really like me, how can he just want to hookup would that not affect him? give him even more intsnce feelings?

what can i do to get him to have more intense feelings for me again?
will telling him how i feel make him have more feelings for me


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  • what i can see that u r fighting urself against him
    my advice is 2 talk 2 him honestly


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