If I hook up with him, will he get more intense feelings for me?

if i hook up with him, will he get more intense feelings for me?
because i have held off whenever he tried and its so hard not to because i like him, but it would just make it that much harder for me. he told me he liked me and always has when he was moving away. i said to stay friends because it was too hard for me. i saw a month ago and he was super flirty, i would catch him starring at me and he would playfully hit me. he then tried to kiss me all night when drunk. i refused. i dont know if he just wants to hook up or if he still has feelings. if i give in will he get more intense feelings or can he just hookup with me and it not change a thing?


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  • If you hook up with him, most likely, he will not develop the intense feelings in which you are wanting. Depending on how well the sex is, he could potentially develop feelings towards that. For example, wanting more or becoming a bit possessive. If that makes sense.

    • we have really amazing sex, passionate

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    • ask him if he still likes me?

    • Yeah, definitely. It doesn't hurt to ask a person how they're feeling about something or in your case, someone. Good luck!

  • He won't get more intense feelings for you from hooking up. guys just aren't like that. His feelings will either go away, or stay the same. I had sex with my boyfriend way too early because I thought his feelings would become intense like mine, and now our sex life has sooo many problems. Do not make that mistake

    • so what should i do?

    • Really whatever you're doing is working. he said he likes you. Let him keep chasing you until he has the feelings you want him to have. then have sex with him, when feelings are equal on both sides.

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