Revealing your true feelings for a close female friend?

So, I've known this girl for close to 7 years now. We've only had awesome times together, whether it be in group situations or individually by ourselves. The problem that I've run into, is that I've developed strong feelings for her. This all started when I was on vacation with her for one month in South America. Just seeing her in that environment (she's a constant traveler) just brought out so many characteristics that made me fall really hard. I have not had these feelings for anyone since a long time (my last long relationship).

We are so similar in so many ways. I wanted to tell her so bad while away, but every time I was ready to, I buckled due to the pressure I put on myself as the anxiety was too much for me to cope with. I shut the thought out, until it was gone (for that moment). It would pop up again, but yet again, I fell for the the same mistake.

There was a time where we were apart for a week, and at that point, I realized, it was not lust or a crush. I really like and care for this woman, and want to begin something.

When I was sitting in the airport, I wrote my "confession" to her, and I'm debating if I should read it to her. I'm so comfortable around her, that I'm terrified if I lose her as a friend, I feel that we have a special bond. And now that she is back home, it seems that she wants to date again as she got treated like shit when she was living abroad during her time there (before I met her down south). When I heard that, I realized I need to read this letter to her.

Women/Girls, what would you think of a close friend who you bond with so easily, read a confession from the heart. It's not a love letter, it's basically getting my feelings of my chest. I have hopes, but also doubts. Only due to her past experience in dating (many randoms), and her never really holding a long lasting (over 1 year) relationship. I know she doesn't want something serious now, but I know that she is open to something if it works out.


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  • Personally, I would never let a heartfelt confession ruin my friendship. If I were to terminate the friendship because of it... then I'd say that then to begin with the friendship didn't mean anything to me. She sounds like an amazing girl. The two of you should get together somewhere where you would have her undivided attention and read your letter. I'm sure initially she may be overehem with an overabundance of emotions but that shouldn't be a big deal because it seems as if throughout your friendship you two have experienced a lot both together and apart. She will appreciate your honesty and sincerity. Ya never know, she may feel the same way. Or she may realize that she actually feels the same way about yoy. She is obviously really important to you. You know that. The internet knows that. Now she needs too. I wish you all the best in whatever you decide. Just remember tomorrow is not promised... don't let anything thatyou can have control over slip away.


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