I need help to get over my crush?

liked this girl for 2 years already and we had been in the same class for all lessons for the past two years, next year we are definitely going to be the same class as each other again.
I get butterflies everything im around her, and when I see her, I can't help but smile. I play fights with her alot, and we have a lot of physical contact. But the problem is, she likes a senior in our school. He's graduating this year though. And the fact that she likes someone else really breaks my heart. I know I can't get her. She's way out of my league. It really hurts. I know I need to move on and try to get over her but I think that's impossible as I sit beside her for some lessons and everymorning for morning lectures. I see her every weekday too. I had been having this mindset of trying to get her and protect her for the past two years and I tell myself I need to get over her. Its like something I can't do but I really need to get over her. Incase I get hurt more. Everytime I see her posting about her crush I die a little inside. It hurts alot. I need advices to deal with this? I kind of deal with the same people everyday so I dont think widening my circle of friends will help.

I dont know how am I suppose to cut off all communications when I sit beside her every morning. She will think that I hate her or something


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  • "She's way out of my league"

    All I heard was "I'm a big fat pussy"

    The best way to get over one girl is to get under another. That's what momma told me.


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