GUYS: If my ex's friends are in love with me, will I appear more desirable in my ex's eyes?

Hey, guys! Just had a quick question for you. I got stuck in a group chat with my ex and his friends. Recently, his friends started trying to flirt with me and were saying sexual things to me (I've spoken with his friends before, and they think that my ex doesn't care about them advancing on me). They were saying things like how hot I am, send them naked pictures, do sexual things with them, and that they were in love with me. (WHICH I AM NOT GOING TO DO BTW. I'm not into his friends.) But him seeing and realizing that they're all over me, would that make me more desirable and wanted and valued in his eyes since his friends think I'm amazing? I would love your opinions!


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  • No its over. move on with your life. this is just childish games that will get you nowhere


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  • where do u get love out of this? they just want to fuck you. nobody in this situation has any love or even respect for you. if u keep acknowledging his friends, ur ex will probably end up seeing u as a desperate attn. whore and losing respect for u.

    • Wow. Okay. I told them all, "The amount of alcohol I would need in order to agree to do anything with you would kill me." In conversations before, one of them said that they loved me. That'swhere that comes from. I always deny them. I seriously doubt he'll think I'm an attention whore because I don't flirt back.