What is he trying to tell me between the lines? He's a guy i'm dating?

So i'm dating this guy and the told me early on that he wasn't the kind of guy who has had 10 gf's, the kind of guy who's on the dancefloor etc. yet he has had a couple of gf in his teenage years and that he had focused on his school the last 4-5 years.

What is he telling me between the lines?


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  • Ok for this situation there is one vital piece of information that I need.. What colour are his favourite pair of shoes? not the ones for special occasions but the ones he wears the most? and what kind of shoes are they?

    • It's funny you mention it. He has blue shoes, one pair was sneekers in blue and the other was like sebago dockside in blue - what does it mean haha?

    • Ah baby blue, it means you are likely his first girlfriend. He must also have an unusually close relationship with his mother.

    • Hahah how do you draw that conclusion?

      I'm not his first gf but I might be his first serious gf - I might be wrong but this has been my impression.
      Yes he has a strong bond to his mom :-))

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  • Hey Beautiful!!!
    Just chill!!! He's trying to tell u that although he had some gfs in the past... he is NOT a bad guy... he's good to u and he's trying to figure out how to make you feel special (I think)!!!

    • But his actions doesn't show he has been in a relationship. He is confident, yes, but he doesn't flirt or return compliments. We've been together for 4 months and he's just dead serious about everything. I'm the one with the bubbly personality, giving him compliments and making him feel good.

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    • Hey there!!!
      Well you said he's male version of you.. sooo much in common in the way you both think.
      As much as i know you... you wanted to be feel special and appreciated and that is what you were doing to him. If he thinks the same way then... you know he should appreciate you.. isn't it?
      you are really confused!! But don't worry the time will reveal everything...
      if u r too emotional then just be urself and faith in God... eventually u will find the way!!

    • I see your point.

      I just meant that we have so much in common spritually, intellectually, interest etc. but as you say we might be different emotionally - but you're right, I need to give it some time and have faith in God and his wonderful work. Hehe :-). Thank you so much for your insight.

  • Translation; I know how to play the game to get laid, if I'm dating you I'm dating you.

    Sounds like a nice guy.

  • even though he have had girls in his life, you are the special the one in his life... If i were to say those to my girl then this will be interpretation from a guy point of view..

    I think he is completely into you...

    Know that a guy cannot simply pass compliment over a girl he really likes... Concerning that you might not like that sort of things... If he is hesitating to approach you then he is concerned about how you feel and dont wish to make any sort of mistakes..

    • Oh... that would actually make sense, that he's afraid to ruin it. Thank you so much for your help :-)

  • i think he is saying about his goodness becoz not only wants u to date but also loves u for a long time..


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