So, I've been with someone for a year, and now my ex from two years back has come back into the picture?

*((I am speaking from the viewpoint of a girl))*
*((PLEASE assume age 17 for both people and soon to be 18. Do NOT factor in age here))*

I have been with a guy for a year, I say that I love him and everything is okay, we fight a bit but always seem to come back to each other. My family really likes him as well.

Now my ex from 2 years ago has been texting me for awhile and I invited him to sneak over to my house one weekend, me and my boyfriend had a fight and I just wanted to see him again, see how he has been, how we've both changed. It was meant to be innocent. Well, it was a weekend so he was coming over for two nights and for most of the first night everything remained innocent but we did end up kissing and having a small make out session.

The second night when he came over it turned into another make out session and then we ended up having sex. It's been a few weeks and as we've been talking he is just super sweet and nice and really cares about me. We plan to have another weekend meet-up and while I would like to break up with my current boyfriend to be with him, I also don't want to hurt anyone (including myself).

Now, let me explain. My family, loves my current boyfriend, and hates my ex (because he BROKE my heart two years ago). All my friends are, more or less the same way.

So, my question is. What are your thoughts on what I should do? I want to be with my ex, I really honestly do. But I just feel like if I do it causes me a lot of heartache from having to break up with my current boyfriend, having to deal with all the crap I would get from my family and friends, and the fallout could just be terrible.

But I really do want to be with my ex again...

What should I do?


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  • be brave n admit it in front of everyone that u love ur ex more than ur current bf... ur family n friends are always their with u they'll understand u. ur current bf may feel terrible 'bout it but if u like ur ex n he likes u as well then by staying with ur current u r ruining 3 lives...


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  • From my experience, and I've got way more than you, an ex is an ex for a reason. You broke up for a reason. I wouldn't ever go back to an ex.


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