What does he mean? why is he still pursuing me?

Him and I have a lot of history-we dated, hooked up so many times and had sex, but were never in an official relationship. i rejected him and he was pretty devastated but we remained friends after. He told me he likes me has always liked me. i said we should stay friends, since he was moving away. i saw him a month ago and he could not keep his hands off me, playfully hitting my stomach and but and when he got drunk kept trying to kiss me and wanted to cuddle. i again said we should stay friends. he's now home to visit and when i saw him he would still playfully hit my but and stomach. why does he keep trying to pursue me if i have turned him down so many times and told him we should be friends? is it just about sex for him? he asked me when we were hanging out just us two but hasn't really gone through yet. he also askd me jokingly in convos saying "do u love me" and love me" i brush it off usually, and he's mentioned marriage jokingly like "the plans to marry u"


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  • I think this guy is serious about you. From everything you said he wants to be with you and constantly trying to get closer. At this point you are all he wants but he can't have you, as you reject him. Why don't you want to give him a chance?

    • i dont think he is serious i think its just sex, because if he's going back in a few days whats the point of us starting something. i really want to be with him its just how and i can't really keep waiting for him to come back in a year. already all this year i missed him and he was on my mind.

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    • but its just the whole "what if" and ill always be in the back of my mind and bug me if we dont try because of everything we do have or had

    • I he returns back in a year and you ready to wait that long... you can try and then see what happens. I would suggest (based on my experience) that you move on and open yourself to other men and other relationship. The moment you stop thinking of him - you will feel better.