Is he waiting on me to make the move or does he not like me and have feelings but only wants sex?

Everytime he sees me he's alway super flirty and can't keep his hands off. we have lots of history: we dated, hooked up over the years, had sex, but never in a real relationship. the first time we dated i rejected him and he was pretty devastated. i regret that alot. we moved past it and stayed friends but over the years anytime hed see me even when he had a gf hed be so flirty and always touching me trying to get with me. a year ago he told me he liked me and always has. (she was already single for a year then). i said we should stay friends because he was moving. i did also have feelings for him but didn't want to say because he was moving. saw him a month ago and i would catch him starring at me, he would playfully hit my stomach and but, and tried to kiss me all night when drunk and then cuddles, but i said we were just friends. and now he's home to visit seen him twice and he is still hitting my stomach and but playfully and said when are we hanging out, but i feel like he always doesn't go through with it. he also always asks jokingly "do u love me or love me" and brought up marriage jokingly twice that his plan is to marry me

so why does he never initate actually planning for us to hang out or text me first. he always says we should and asks but doesn't really go through with it. is he waiting for me to ask him out now? and why is he still pursuing me if i rejected him so many times. i do have feelings for him do i make the move?


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  • Make a move, but make sure that there is more than just sex going on or you'll end up feeling hurt and used. Contact him, make plans-hopefully he does this-and follow them through. He gets the ball first in the second round though. If he doesn't begin to initiate contact with you via text/voice, then he is ambivalent and doesn't know what he really wants and or is playing with you. If he's your age then he's young and it wouldn't surprise me. He can say anything, but actions are what you're really looking for here.


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