In love with a hot and cold player?

So this guy that I've been seeing is a player he dates other women as well as me... but I don't play his games I don't text him all of the time I don't tell him I love him and I don't chase him... we have been like this for 5 months... I have fallen for him and recently I decided to just let him go because I can't handle the hot and cold cycle and he has always told me that he loves me but never makes a commitment but when I backed away he then told me that he loves me and wants to settle down... we. were fine for a week or two but now he's backing off again... he's always hot and cold... what do I do?

I'm a girl Haha! He doesn't admit to seeing other women and I'm pretty Sure it's just sex and when he is committed he doesn't cheat I know that because he has had past relationships... he s as he want to marry me and tells me to be good and wait...
I'm not Sure if he knows he wants to settle down for good and that's why he's trying to get other girls out of his system? Help...


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  • This is what has happened to me just recently and also to a bunch of other friends, and honestly you are just setting yourself up to get hurt. You know his games, he is showing it, and it is right in front of your face. Yes, you may love him, but this isn't love... You're probably not the only girl he tells that he loves them to... It sucks, and all you want is the other person to love you back. but if they can't commit then its not worth the pain int he end..

    • It's terrible... he doesn't talk about emotions withstand when I do he pushes me away...

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  • He loves you and yet he's seeing other women? He doesn't know the meaning of the word 'love'.

    • I'm wondering the same... he doesn't admit to dating other women but I know he sleeps with other women... I don't know how many or how often... he sleeps with me once a week and admits to having having a sex addiction so obviously he's getting it somewhere else yet he only invites me over once a week...

  • When you're dating, you should be focused on that one person. You're going to get hurt, break it off now.

    • I know... but we haven't really OFFICIALLY called it dating until until recently and I don't think he has seen other girls since he told me he wanted to get serious but now he's backing off again... do I let him go and see what happens?

  • Are you a guy or girl?