Confused not sure what to do is this even a relationship?

Basically iv been talking to this guy a lot online and he said he loves me and always has, Im not sure if I like him back we always text and talk about casual things nothing dirty. Problem is what are we? We are not dating but at the same time he always sends kisses and stuff like that and loads of compliments and i do the same things back, we flirt a bit but im not sure how far this will go since he lives to far away from me. Im not actually allowed to date anyone online since what happened to my sister. Any advice what should I do?


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  • I know very well how much of a problem long distance relationships can be. Coming from my heart: if you think you like this guy, then there's no distance that can keep you separated for long. Do whatever you think is best. Actually long distance relationships are better in that you love every part of each other. It's not about looks. It's not about gaining something from it. The only thing you're going to gain is love and happiness.
    Coming from my brain: First of all, you should confirm who he is if you already haven't. Ask him to Skype to confirm his identity or something. If you do like him though, a long distance relationships can be a pain in the ass. It hurts so much not being with that person, not being able to hug or kiss them. It can kill you. However the internet is there for you to use (although you might neglect your life because of it - don't do that).
    Good luck. :)


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  • You should ask him how he knows he loves you. You guys are basically pen pals. You only know what he's telling you. You guys dont go on dates. Your not spending time with each other to learn the real him. To love someone you have to go on dates, be there when the ither one needs you. The kid is immature if he thinks he can love someone he hasn't even met. I hope this helps u. I have 4 sisters and I would be worried about a guy that says he loves a person he doesn't even really know.

  • You get along, see where it goes. If it goes well you will one day meet :)


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